Talking To Deaf Dogs
Training deaf puppies and dogs using a visual language.

Deaf dog training at a public marina.



For deaf dogs, life is a game of charades...

"Think of training a deaf puppy like playing a game of charades. All you can use are visual cues to communicate an idea. They can be anything really, as long as you're consistent! Instead of marking a correct response with a touch of your nose though, share a happy face, a thumbs-up and a tiny treat. Maybe two!"

  - Just Plain Ralphie

Featured Deaf Dog Topics

Deaf puppy playing with a ball and being watchful.
Deaf Puppy Basics
Early handling and conditioning of deaf puppies.

Deaf dogs trick training- dog painting with a brush.
Deaf Dog Training
Deaf dogs are trainable! Obedience and trick training.

Life with a deaf dog companion.
Life with a Deaf Dog
Some of the things deaf dogs do.


Deaf dog taking obedience classes.


Deaf dog and blind dog champion trick trainer, Jaclin Dunne.

My view of deafness is that itís simply a difference because we have other ways to easily communicate... visual cues, touch, smell. I have found deaf dogs to be naturally more watchful but it's a skill that needs to be strengthened and encouraged.

I have had 5 deaf dogs- three were deaf due to old age. One was deaf and blind, another of my seniors became deaf after use of prescription ear drops at age 12. I have also raised 2 born-deaf puppies.


About Me

I believe in the potential and abilities of deaf or blind puppies! Over the past close to 30 years, I have raised 12 puppies and have lived with 5-8 dogs plus a delightful Boxer during the work week. One of my puppies was born low-vision and later lost her sight at age 9. Another was born-blind, two were born-deaf and several lost their hearing due to very old age.

I have obedience trained deaf dogs and blind dogs and have trick trained these dogs to champion and grand champion trick dog titles. I have found them to be loving, intelligent and amazing companions.

Things I share on this website are my personal experiences and beliefs about training and conditioning deaf dogs and blind dogs. If you are experiencing behavior challenges with your dog that involve fear or aggression, these should be worked through with a behaviorist.

My pack of 8 dogs.


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